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Opentech AI can be described as set of open and easily accessible technological enablers (code + data + models + stacks, mostly available via Github communities) for open innovation research, development and exploitation of artificial intelligence. It is not only about open source software around AI, but a more holistic concept covering all areas of AI end-to-end systems and their development, including commercialization friendly licenses and open governance by multiple organizations working to unlock the benefits of AI while mitigating any risks, or downsides. Research and development of AI end-to-end systems requires a wide and heterogeneous combination of skills, making also learning resources and their availability an important part of Opentech AI. This page collects and lists communities relevant for R&D and learning on Opentech AI.


  •  Partnership on AI is community of organisations committed to discuss, study, formulate and share best practices on AI technologies to advance public’s understanding of AI and to promote AI for benefiting people and society.
  • AI Progress Measurement is a pilot project collecting problems, metrics, data sets from research literature and following progress on them on a shared Jupyter notebook. The project invites the AI R&D community to contribute to this effort.
  • Linux Foundation is home and ecosystem facilitator to many high impact open source projects globally and has published plans to set up a project for making AI applications reusable and easily accessible for everyone – Acumos project.
  • City AI is a collaborative network of cities around the world interested on applying AI.
  • Nordic AI is a non-profit organisation facilitating co-operation and exchange on AI in the nordics region via organizing events.
  • Open AI is a high profile initiative that has been rapidly advancing AI systems that can play a wide range of online games.  Their mission is also safe artificial general intelligence.


  • The Elements of AI is a free on-line course for anyone interested to learn about the basics and foreseen impact of AI.
  • Coursera is an open e-learning platform providing a variety of courses relevant for AI R&D. Financial support is available for those students who can not afford the course fees via an application.
  • Udacity is an open e-learning platform providing nano-degrees and courses relevant for AI R&D. Udacity has a variety of free courses and hiring co-operation with companies developing and applying AI technology.
  • is an free, online set of hands on course materials for data science and AI/cognitive systems.


  • TensorFlow playground is a web browser based environment for quickly grasping the idea of neural networks visually and by trying out things. A related article provides a great walk trough on the topic.
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