Couple Steps Forward in AI Systems Architecture at HICSS-52

The 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-52), organised last week, included 2 interesting papers taking the field of AI system architectures couple steps forward.

Firstly, a paper titled “Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Common Understanding” by Kühl, N., Goutier, M., Hirt, R., Satzger, G. The paper addresses the relation and contribution of machine learning in artificial intelligence by reviewing related literature, and by presenting a conceptual framework clarifying the role of machine learning in building artificial intelligent agents. The paper paves the way for multi-disciplinary discussion and further research on the topic.

Secondly a paper titled “Digital Service: Technological Agency in Service Systems” by authors of this blog (Pakkala, D. and Spohrer, J.). The paper provides a walk-through on technical systems of digitalization and AI applications and highlights the development towards increasingly autonomous technical systems, which hold technological agency of service providers in interaction and value co-creation with service users . The paper introduces and defines two new abstractions (digital service and digital service membrane) with UML modeling examples better connecting the fields of service science, artificial intelligence, system thinking, software engineering and information systems.

Both papers are certainly a worth a read if you are interested in acquiring a holistic and multi-disciplinary view on AI systems architecture.

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