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Why? What to expect?

This blog is established as part of a research exchange co-operation between VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and IBM Research – Almaden. The blog targets to capture the big picture of the research and development on the field of open artificial intelligence technology (Opentech AI), especially focusing on architecture, related ecosystems, progress and future directions. Overview of the topics discussed in this blog around Opentech AI are illustrated in the figure below.


We will use this blog to share hopefully interesting results and findings from the R&D work that we are doing on Opentech AI with colleagues in Finland and in US. As the blog is on Open Technologies AI (code + data + models + stacks + community + leaderboards), we would like to share it basically with whoever is interested.

In addition to blog postings, please note the “Opentech AI Resources” pages for more information on the topics covered. We will update the blog, as well as the resources pages, whenever we come across new interesting things that we think are worth sharing and discussing on the topic of Opentech AI.¬†Comments, discussions and interaction around the postings and topics here are very welcome and greatly appreciated. You are also very welcome to contact us for further discussions and collaboration.

We will try to keep the blog light, interesting and informal. We try to include links for further information enabling you to dig in deeper into the topics of the postings. This is by no means a deep scientific forum – there are specific forums for that (e.g. Arxiv, which is highly relevant for R&D on Opentech AI).

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